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"Magnificent Frigatebirds"
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Species of birds have always held a fascination for me. When I came upon an article in National Geographic regarding Galapagos Wildlife Under Pressure my interest was spiked. The photo of a trio of magnificent frigatebirds hovering in the evening breeze while feeding near the Floreana Island captured my interest. The magnificent frigatebirds can be found in skies over Galapagos waters, hovering lazily in place, looking like huge kites. These birds have a wingspan of some seven and one half feet and their deeply forked scissor-like tails afford them ultimate maneuverability. They are commonly called the "man-o'-war" birds which reflects the way in which they use their consummate flying and maneuvering skills. Frigatebirds are pirates who harass incoming birds until the victim is so upset that it disgorges its catch. The frigatebird then drops with amazing speed and plucks the bolus out of the water or catches it before it hits. Their reputation for piracy, however, may be exaggerated. In selecting a media for this rendering,

I decided oil would be the best means to present these magnificent frigatebirds.

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Fine Art Giclée Print
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Original rendering in oil.
Printed on archival quality, acid free paper

Image Size: 9” x 12” - $65.00
Image Size: 19.5” x 25.5” - $250.00
Other sizes available upon request.

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The original painting “Magnificent Frigatebirds” is for sale.

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